-Design CAD 2D/3D

-Production in cooperplate.

-Prodution master for microfusion.

-Production prototype with center of work.

-Design and production mould for injection.
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Pais Marden Lorenzo’s is a services Company that works on projection and accomplishment of special and diverse prototypes, using tecnology CAD-CAM.

Thanks to a 20 years experience in the eyeglasses market, and with the attendance of the most modern tecnologies, such as CAD format engineering drawings and materials processing, by mean of CAM numerically controlled machineries,Pais Marden Lorenzo’s able to realize the necessary prototypes to the industries, so that these can valorize and promote new products, vital sap of every Company.
The accomplishment of the prototype is the natural evolution of the designer work, allow to develop the own idea in a new form and doubtlessly more complete. Those medium or small Companies that cannot contract highly qualify personnel and cannot provide themselves vanguard and exclusive tecnological equipment for the projection, can, however, to accede to the Pais Marden Lorenzo Company’s service, being able on this way to see made their ideas without incurring an excessive cost.

For request of budgest or greater information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

some production